Oasis Church - Evansville, IN
10-25-20 “Ministry of Helps Part 3: Faithful in the House”
10-21-20 Jon Willem “Speak the Word Only”
10-18-20 “Ministry of Helps Part 2: What is the Ministry of Helps”
10-14-20 Pastor Jerry Hagman “Faith in the Blood of Jesus”
10-11-20 Pastor Gary Walters “Fulfilling Your God-Given Mission”
10-7-20 “Your Righteous Identity”
10-4-20 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “Becoming a Vessel of Honor Part 3″
9-30-20 Pastor Jerry Hagman “The Remnant Church”
9-27-20 “Ministry of Helps Part 1: Every Member Valuable”
9-23-20 Rev. Ray Bensch “God of the Common Man”
9-20-20 “A Key to Great Faith”
9-16-20 “Aggressively Reaping Your Harvest”
9-13-20 Pastor Chuck Evaline “Clear Vision”
9-9-20 “An Attack of Discouragement”
9-6-20 “How to Defeat Doubt”
9-2-20 “Double-Minded”
8-30-20 “The Doubt Sower”
8-26-20 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “Becoming a Vessel of Honor Part 2″
8-23-20 “Integrity of the Heart”
8-19-20 “Keys to Good Success”

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