Oasis Church - Evansville, IN
6-22-22 Pastor Jerry Hagman ”The God Stopper”
6-19-22 ”Fear Opens Doors”
6-15-22 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer ”Going to the Next Level”
6-12-22 ”The Origins of Fear”
6-5-22 ”Valiant for the Truth”
6-1-22 ”Warring Mental Warfare”
5-29-22 ”How to Defeat Doubt”
5-25-22 ”Speaking Grace to Mountains”
5-22-22 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer ”Faith that Gives Glory to God”
5-18-22 Greg Behrend ”Rebellion or Obedience, We Choose”
5-15-22 ”Tainted Faith”
5-11-22 Pastor Jerry Hagman ”Holiness” / Pastor Mark Purl ”Righteousness”
5-8-22 ”The Doubt Sower”
5-4-22 ”Don’t Stress Out Part 3”
5-1-22 ”Sonship Privileges”
4-27-22 ”Don’t Stress Out Part 2”
4-24-22 ”Praying for Others”
4-20-22 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer ”Giving the Word First Place”
4-17-22 Rev. Eddie Willis ”What We Shall Be”
4-13-22 ”Don’t Stress Out Part 1”
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