Oasis Church - Evansville, IN
1-27-21 “Getting Spiritual Results”
1-24-21 “Covenant People”
1-20-21 Pastor Jerry Hagman “Where Are Your Thoughts Leading You?”
1-17-21 “Perseverance”
1-10-21 “Living the Life of a Blesser”
1-6-21 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “Looking Unto Jesus, My Good Shepherd Part 1″
1-3-21 “A God of Hope”
12-30-20 “Leaving the Results to God”
12-27-20 “Resisting the Devil”
12-20-20 Brother Eddie Willis “Time for Repentance”
12-16-20 “Resting in God”
12-13-20 “Satan’s Warfare Against the Word”
12-9-20 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “It’s Time to Arise and Shine”
12-6-20 “Keep the Altar Fire Burning”
12-2-20 “Keep Pressing On”
11-29-20 “The Holy Spirit Our Teacher Part 2″
11-22-20 “The Holy Spirit Our Teacher Part 1″
11-18-20 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “Becoming a Vessel of Honor Part 4″
11-15-20 “The Catching Away”
11-11-20 “An Established Prayer Life”
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