Oasis Church - Evansville, IN
9-12-21 ”How Your Boundaries in Life are Determined”
9-8-21 Deanne Jones ”The Importance of the Corporate Anointing”
9-8-21 Dustin Hagman ”Staying Spiritually Focused”
9-5-21 ”Are You a Doer of the Word?”
9-1-21 ”The Consequences of Obedience and Disobedience”
8-29-21 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer ”Praising Your Way to Victory”
8-25-21 Pastor Jerry Hagman ”Take Your Place Part 2”
8-22-21 ”What is Weak Faith?”
8-18-21 “The Value of Fellowship”
8-15-21 “The Way of Escape”
8-11-21 “What to Do When Your Faith is Wavering”
8-8-21 Rev. John George “Formidable Faith for the Last Days Part 2″
8-7-21 Rev. John George “Formidable Faith for the Last Days Part 1″
8-4-21 “After Illumination”
8-1-21 “The Safest Place to Be”
7-28-21 Missionary Brett Scudder “Surrendering Your Will”
7-25-21 Pastor Chuck Evaline “Winning in Jesus”
7-21-21 “Understanding Grace Part 5″
7-18-21 Pastor Chuck Caldemeyer “Setting Your Faith Free”
7-14-21 “Understanding Grace Part 4″
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